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Re: [ox-en] interview with stefan merten

Hi, Geert, Stefan and all!

Great interview! Only against one point I have to rant:

On Die, 24 Apr 2001, geert lovink wrote:
Oekonux is a radical German mailinglist discussing free software
from green-alternative and post-Marxist perspectives. The tone on
the list is unusually open, not to say utopian. There is a true
sense of possibilities felt: a free software revolution; revolution
through free software.

I consider this wording very dangerous. It could give the reader the 
impression that the discussion on Oekonux is limited to 
"green-alternative and post-Marxist perspectives", and that the 
results are yet another "green-alternative and post-Marxist" utopy. I 
think, neither of them true. 

From what I have noticed up to now, the Oekonux project is open to 
everyone, regardless of the haircut. Just like normal free software 
projects are.

Also, the utopian perspectives resulting from Oekonux so far, try to 
describe perspectives suitable for everyone. Also, they are something 
new, and therefore cannot be squeezed into old categories. 

I hope that people don't get a wrong impression.


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