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[ox-en] subsol issue 0 is now online


<<<   ISSUE  0  IS NOW ONLINE   >>>

Recent transformations in the production and
distribution of culture have resulted in a withering
of control. In this atmosphere, the self-organization
of spaces, culture and media and the invention of new
forms of production has become necessary for the art
of survival. Today, increasingly, we are witnessing
spaces that are not occupied but evacuated, groups
that exist on the borders of disappearance without
names, media that exist for-themselves, having become
liberated from profit and the audience, and forms of
production that are no longer subject to the
domination of exchange.

/\    CONTENTS   /\

|||||  Spaces in Movement  |||||

Stefano Boeri, "Uncertain States of Europe" (Italy) 
Francesca Iovino, Sciatto, "Metropolis of
Trajectories" (Italy) 
Gruppo A12 "Process" (Italy) 
Giovanni La Varra, "Post-It City" (Italy) 
Duna Maver, "Evacuation of Space" (US/Hungary) 
[coming soon] 
Polly, "m4- artist's run urban entertainment center"
Mihai Stanescu, "Spaces of Passage" (Romania) 
Space Hijackers, "Anarchitecture" (England) 

|||||  Autonomous Culture  |||||

Alex Adriaansens & Nat Muller, "V2_Organisation"
Inke Arns, "mikro" (Germany)
Zeljko Blace, Marcel Mars, Tomi Medak, "net.culture
club mama" (Croatia) [coming soon]
Brett Bloom, Cesare Piertoiusti, Greg Sholette "Folds
of an Institution" (US/Italy)
Kristine Briede, "K 2: Karosta, under the Surface"
Alexei Isaev, Media Art Lab (Russia)
Piotr Krajewski, "WRO Center" (Poland) 
Kristian Lukic, "" (Yugoslavia) 
Mia Makela (FiftyFifty) & Vanni Brusadin, d-i-n-a,
"Small is Beautiful" (Spain/Italy) 
Lia Perjovschi, CAA (Romania)
Sarai  Collective, "Sarai: New Media
Krassi Terziev, "InterSpace" (Bulgaria) 
Tomas Trplan, Metelkova City (Slovenia) [coming soon]
Marko Vukovic, Autonomous Culture Factory (Croatia)

|||||   Sovereign Media.  |||||

Kestutis Andrasiunas, "Institutio Media" (Lithuania) 
Heidi Grundmann, Kunstradio, "But is it
Institute for Transacoustic Research, "The
Transacoustic" (Austria) 
Eric Kluitenberg, "Media without an Audience"
Tetsuo Kogawa, "From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio"
Geert Lovink & Joanne Richardson, "Notes on Sovereign
Media" (Australia/Croatia)
nungu "Subliminal Source Code" (India) 
Simon Pope & Matt Fuller, "Warning: This computer has
a multiple personality disorder" (England)
Howard Slater, "Sovereign and Vague" (England) 

|||||  Production of Future Worlds   |||||

Franco Berardi Bifo "Cognitariat and Semiokapital"
Manuel de Landa, "Self-Organizing Markets" (Mexico/US)
Alex Galloway, "Possibility" (US) 
Stefan Merten, Oekonux "Free Software & GPL Society"
Kenta Ohji, "Intro to New Associationist Movement"
Michael Linton & Ernie Yacub "Open Money" (Canada) 
McKenzie Wark, "Hacker's Manifesto 2.0" (Australia) 

Inquiries, Comments, Contributions: subsol

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