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Re: [ox-en] "selbstentfaultung (self-unfolding)"

Hi Benja, Claude, and all!

Today B Fallenstein wrote:
"I. Claude Harper" schrieb:
On the contrary to this "Selbstentfaltung" -- self-unfolding
(self-development?) -- means a completely different thing: I only can
come forward, can express myself, can be productive if others do the
same for themselfs. More sharper:

**The self-unfolding of others is a precondition of my self-unfolding.**

Is this within the meaning of the word "Selbstentfaltung", or more of a
claim or a logical deduction or implication?  And how is that last statement
(**) true?  Seems like it would never happen if it was.  Is something being
lost in
translation that would make that seem more sensical?  Or maybe you mean
something more like a mutual condition rather than strict precondition.

Hm, I remember it the other way around:

  The selbstentfaltung (self-unfolding) of the individual is the necessary
  precondition for the selbstentfaltung of all.

But I really think that the point is it's a chicken-and-egg thing. Or
maybe rather: a scale. I can do something that's a bit of
selbstentfaltung for me, but in order to get to the point where I do
most things out of selbstentfaltung, it's a necessary precondition that
others are helping me, aiming to archieve *their* selbstentfaltung. It's
like this with free software: I can be the only person in the world
writing free software, because I believe in it and I feel better about
it and it's more fun than writing proprietary software... but if others
join in and we build something big together, we'll archieve so much more
*and* it'll be so much more fun.

Just my feeble understanding so far. [ox] veterans: Does that capture it?

I guess I'm qualifying as an [ox] veteran ;-) .

Well, the root of this phrase is the old Marx (AFAIK it was by Marx)
demand to build a society "where the freedom of the individual is the
precondition of the freedom of all" ("die Freiheit des Einzelnen die
Voraussetzung der Freiheit aller ist"). I always liked that phrase but
it always stayed pretty abstract to me. Finally Oekonux filled that
with content :-) . Once more it's striking BTW how much good old Marx
understood :-) .

Today in the Oekonux context we're replacing the "freedom" in the
phrase above with Selbstentfaltung / self-unfolding and to me more and
more it looks that the Selbstentfaltung / self-unfolding of the
individual is as well a prerequisite for the Selbstentfaltung /
self-unfolding of all as the other way around. At least both
directions seem equally valid to me.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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