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Re: [ox-en] Free Software -> Libreware or Liberation Software

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On Sunday 16 December 2001 04:31, you wrote:
Hi Claude, Raju, others!

1 hours ago I Claude Harper wrote:
Of course, this whole semantic debate appears a tad over-the-board

well bare in mind, our (or at least my) goal is to gain understanding,
not dictate terminology.  By discussing which word best describes
something, you better understand what it is you are trying to describe
and how others perceive it.  You can call it FujiBaquat for all I care,
but are we talking about the same thing?  And what the heck is it?

I agree wholeheartedly. On the German list it's already kind of a
tradition to try to clarify the meaning of a word, to clarify a
notion, find correct words for a notion and so on. And though it's
sometimes pretty difficult and we not always can agree on a single
understanding I find it never boring because IMHO we all learn *a lot*
from this type of clarification and in the end at least we have the
glimpse of an idea what others are talking about.

Here on the international part of the project to me this seems both
even more clarifying and even more enlightening. We all come from our
own culture and thus we definitely have different backgrounds on
nearly every notion. Because I am always interested - and I think I do
speak for the whole project here - in gathering together the best of
all thinking traditions, I find it a big advantage to now have the
possibility to gather the best of all cultures :-) .

Heh, I'm used to be in English-language forums where the "international" part 
means you're translating *from* English.  It is intresting being on the other 
side of the situation :)

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Timm Murray

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