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Re: [ox-en] "Selbstentfaltung", "self-unfolding" or what?

oder, 'entfaltung ivan illich'... so we have prior use in German and
English. Following from that I guessed at Paolo Freire, and , bingo! found
'personal unfolding'. I have a printed copy of Pedagogia do Oprimido
(Pedagogy of the Opressed) so maybe I can find the portuguese version of
'entfaltung' too. (unfortunately the book doesn't have a 'search'
function).  Two related things from that: firstly Pedagogy of the
Oppressed is highly relevant to the discussion on education going on here
(sadly I just found out that Paolo Freire died in 97).

 Secondly, Illich (as far as I know still alive, and living in Germany);  
is the inventor of another term very relevant to the discussion on
work/labour: 'vernacular work' :

'vernacular work: unpaid activities which provide and improve
livelihood, but which are totally refractory to any analysis utilizing
concepts developed in formal economics.'

'The tension and balance between vernacular work and industrial labor -
paid and unpaid - is the key issue on the third dimension of options,
distinct from political right and left and from technical soft and hard.  
Industrial labor, paid and otherwise exacted, will not disappear. But when
development, wage-labor and its shadow encroach upon vernacular work, the
relative priority of one or the other constitutes the issue. We are free
to choose between hierarchically managed standardised work that may be
paid or unpaid, self-selected or imposed on the one hand and, on the
other, we can protect our freedom to choose ever newly invented forms of
simple, integrated subsistence actions which have an outcome that is
unpredictable to the bureaucrat, unmanageable by hierarchies and oriented
to the values shared within a specific community.'



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