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Betreff: Survey on the Free/Open Source Community
Datum: 06 Feb 2002 01:47:40 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
Von: João Miguel Neves <joao>
An: discussion

I found this in slashdot:

One of the most interesting features of this presentation is the
separation of the community in 4 groups that have different motivations
to write Free Software:

Believers (33%) - it is a matter of liberty.

Skill Improvers (25%) - improves programming skills.

Fun-seekers (21%) - the code is stimulating to write.

Professionals (21%) - uses the code for work needs.

I think this could help us try to understand better how some of the
developers think and how to reach them.


In addition the conclusion of the project group:

The preliminary results of the BCG/OSDN survey reveal that:

* Participants note extremely high levels of creativity in their projects.
* Having fun, enhancing skills, access to source code and user needs drive contributions to the Open Source community. Defeating proprietary software companies is not a major motivator. * The Open Source community is truly global in composition with respondents coming from 35 countries. * Most participants dedicated at least 10 hours per week in their shared programming efforts * Contrary to popular belief about hackers, the open source community is mostly comprised of highly skilled IT professionals who have on average over 10 years of programming experience.


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