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[ox-en] Fwd: [pox] Open Source PCI Bridge Soft Core

Hi lists!

I think this belongs on the discussion lists. It's an interesting
information. A nice example for Free Hardware :-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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Date:  Mon, 25 Feb 2002 00:53:36 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  tadejm
Subject:  [pox] Open Source PCI Bridge Soft Core
To:  projekt
Message-Id:  <E16f8Ml-00080x-00>


I thought this could be interesting to you. If you have a colleague
interested in the subject, I'd like to ask you if you can forward this
email to him/her.

The OpenCores organization announces the immediate availability of the
open-source, free, complete 33/66MHz 32-bit PCI Bridge Soft Core

PCI Bridge Complete & Tested

The PCI Bridge Soft Core is a complete, synthesizable RTL (Verilog)
code that provides bridging between the PCI and a WISHBONE
(System-on-Chip) bus. The complete package includes comprehensive
specification and design documentation, a comprehensive verification
suite, and a test application.

Test application is a ?VGA card? implemented using a Xilinx
Spartan II device on a PCI development board from Insight Electronics.
PCI bridge core is connected to a simple VGA controller core forming a
system-on-chip and comes with a Linux frame buffer device driver.

The PCI Bridge Soft Core supports common ASIC and FPGA libraries and
is highly configurable including options for Master/Target or
Target-only as well as for Host or Guest operation. You can download
the PCI Bridge Soft Core from the OpenCores PCI Project Website at

OpenCores invites companies and universities to use our PCI Bridge
Soft Core in your projects. Our main motivation and the sole reason
for launching the PCI project has been and is to see the core used in
many different projects. What we have in mind is a development much
like that of open-source software (e.g. Linux).

About OpenCores

OpenCores is an organization whose main objective is to design, reuse,
and integrate IP cores under the General Public License (GPL) helping
the concept of freely available, open- source hardware to emerge and
become visible and apparent. For more information about our projects
and us, please visit us at <>.

We are also looking for organizations interested to support/sponsor
OpenCores projects.

Best regards,
Tadej Markovic
OpenCores PCI Team

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