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[ox-en] European Commission launches developer survey


European Commission launches developer survey
Posted 26 Feb 2002 by grex

FLOSS is a study currently under way at the Institute of Infonomics,
University of Maastricht and Berlecon Research, Berlin, and includes an
automated analysis of source code as well as a survey of developers.
This survey is part of a significant study sponsored by the European
Commission that includes policy recommendations and will be a source of
valuable information for the Free/Open Source community, businesses and
policy makers.

Why a survey? To get developers' own opinions on a range of issues
related to Free Software / Open Source. The online questionnaire is
specifically intended to provide a mirror to the Free Software / Open
Source community.

The survey results will be updated and publicly available in real time
even during the data collection period. Final results and analysis will
also be freely published. At the time we are posting this news, over 650
developers have entered the questionnaire!

What do you think about

* Technology: referred programming languages, operating systems
* Law: licensing issues, copyright and intellectual property, authorship
* Organisation: efficiency, quality, comparison of commercial software
* Motivation: monetary / non-monetary, reputation, pleasure, creativity,
* Expectations: what do you expect of others? What do they expect of you?
* Larger role: will Free Software/Open Source change the
economy/society, or even just the commercial information technology

Please see the questionnaire on the web site at and fill it out!

For more information on the FLOSS study and contact details see

     Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di
     Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin
     private stuff:


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