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Dear Friend! is a portal for debate created by Technologies To The People and Daniel G. Andújar in collaboration with the Manifesta 4 team, with the aim of channelling the different opinions expressed by audiences and people interested in the critical analysis of the whole event.

Technologies To The People's is an on-line infrastructure that will provide a frame for reflection on several of the issues proposed by artists and curators and is in fact a contribution to the overall Manifesta-4 debate. Providing a first hand experience of Manifesta-4 discussion, critics and debate. Technologies To The People has always developed, supported and designed platforms for artists base on a strict sense of independence. The chance to work again into an artistic event like Manifesta-4 is another example of the important work carried out by the Technologies To The People Foundation in order to showcase aspects of contemporary life. The Technologies To The People Foundation has, as part of a wider project in support of young artists involved in the use of new technologies. The Technologies To The People Foundation devotes great attention to this task, under the guidance of experts and artists closely involved in emerging technologies and the effects!
 of their use and development.

We will like to include you in the discussion and debate on this site. As an artist, curator, critic or organizer you might also have a specific experience with previous biennials and exhibitions which is to share.  

We hope that you will contribute to and ask you to:

+ discover the website

+ post and comment articles in different languages

+ join the forum, chat etc.

+ propose new topics and weblinks

+ send us photos

You can participate as a user or anonymously. Tell us what you are really thinking about art, biennials, Manifesta 4, documenta11 etc. and start a new discussion.

Please contribute yourself. 

If you have further questions please contact us directly at: trespassing


With best regards

Rachel S. Taylor
Senior Vice President and  Chief Marketing Officer
Technologies To The People

Trespassing Space
Manifesta 4
Frankensteiner Hof
Große Rittergasse 103
Manifesta 4
european biennial of contemporary art
25 may - 25 august 2002, frankfurt/main

Technologies To The People + Daniel G Andujar + Trespassing Space Team 


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