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[ox-en] Empire-discussions (was Re: [rox] Invitation / Einladung 2. Oekonux-Konferenz)

Hi Alan,

the workshop was initiated by a Berlin group called "Ways out of 
capitalism", which I am part of. We had a really interesting presentation 
and workshop this weekend. We learned a lot about italian "autonomia" 
movement of the 60/70ies, accompanied and theoretically driven by Toni 
Negri (one of the Empire's authors). The theory of "operaism" (correct 
translation?) is an important source of the Empire book. A second part 
was given by Benni Bärmann, who asked the question, why free software 
does not occur in the Empire-book, although it is a really important 
example of a multitude's movement, which is aware of its constitutive 
power. Sorry, I cannot express it in english very well, I only read the 
(ugly) german translation of Empire-book. Does this say anthing to you? 
Do you have similar discussions?


Links of Benni's presentation - german only:-(

I cc this mail the [ox-en]

On Sunday 22 September 2002 21:03, alan wrote:
Hi all,

Uli Weiss's workshop relating to Free softwre and Empire caught my eye.
Is there any chance a german speaker, or someone familar with the
discussions that have already taken place, could write a short summary
on where this has gone so far?

This is a subject that is certainly of interest to Jamie and I, and it
would be nice to arrive in Berlin on the same page, rather tha having
to reinvent the wheel and exchange knowing looks!


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