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[ox-en] Language (was: ox-conference)


On Sunday 24 March 2002 15:03, Graham Seaman wrote:

I think the problem is more, will there be enough people to
make up an audience? Most of the people there will be German,
and it's tiring listening to talks not in your first
language... Or do you think it will be possible to get a
non-german audience in Berlin? ;-)

There are, of course, also Germans who can understand English 
without problems, however these are mostly technically 
interested, young people, or people with internet access. OTOH, 
there are lots of people who have never had any English in 
school (e.g. in Eastern Germany, it was facultative), and there 
are people who have not practiced any English for years. (There 
is an enormous cultural isoolation here, as almost all films and 
TV shows are dubbed (except for Mr.Bean and Monty Pythons Flying 
Circus, which are subtitled ;o) ), also there are hardly any 
English cinemas or TV channels (except for CNN and MSNBC, which 
both suck :o( )).

So, I expect there will be an audience for English spoken talks 
(IIRC, the room in which your Free Harware talk took place was 
filled up quite well), but the people going there will be 
preselected a bit. :o(


  Hooray, I have kept up with the English spoken list :o)
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