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[ox-en] website is online (sorry for the crossposting)

Hello everybody!

Fist of all I want to thank everybody involved in the organisation of
the 2. Oekonux-Konferenz!

I used the inspiration the conference gave me to slam together the
thoughts I presented on Sunday. The following discussion gave me the
hope of not being completely wrong.

That´s why in the train home a hacked together a little website:

sorry, that most content is still in German but I promise I´ll change
that. You can already find the sheets from my speech here:

and the linklist I promised: 

Sorry for the crossposting but I was not sure on which list to post. I
would prefer the English list for the discussion to take place because I
hope this way a wider bunch of people can participate. The drawback is
that you´ll have to live with my poor English grammar. Just be sure to
know that my german spelling is not better :)

Ok then: Let´s continue the discussion we had to stop because I had to
rush for the train. And more important: Who is already convinced enough
to help making real the "What´s next?" issues in my paper?

Christof Beaupoil


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