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Re: [ox-en] Re: Two texts

Hi Stefan and list ,

Last Saturday, Stefan Merten wrote
Hi Raoul and all!
I put it [the text] to the web site:

Better you check it at least roughly. Also check whether the entry in

is ok with you.

I checked both and was impressed by the quality of the work. Thanks a lot. (I
shall send to you the content of the note giving the French editor of Peka
Himanen's book.)

I have been following the recent discussions in Oekonux-English, and trying to
catch up my delay reading older mails. Stefan says that this is less difficult
to do than following the German side where the traffic is much bigger... I find
the discussions very interesting, rich and going into deep and urgent
questions. I hope I shall be able to participate a little in some of them, even
if I have big problems with time.

Particularly it would be good to have it as an OpenTheory
project. Try It's pretty simple.

I had a look at the Open Theory Project. For the moment I did not find that so
"simple". But I will try again.



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