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[ox-en] Re: [ox] hipatia: spanish->german translation?

Hi Graham and all!

Yesterday Graham Seaman wrote:
Please excuse the use of english!
Is there anyone here who might be interested in translating
into German?

There is an English translation
[]. Is this insufficient?

The manifesto is actually very provisional, and many people seem to think
it should be changed, but real discussion of this has not yet started
(there is now a wiki for it - In the mean time it
seems a shame that hipatia is restricted to Latin America/Spain/ and now
Italy, while oekonux is limited to countries with Germanic languages, so
that there is no flow of ideas between hipatia and oekonux (both groups
often discuss the same subjects; for example, the basic wage,
selbstentfaltung (='completencia'), etc though hipatia has more practical
links with other movements, especially related to the use of free software
by the state). Vicente Ruiz (on the list-en is one of the

Yes, this is a shame. But what would be the cure? Perhaps it would be
useful if more people from the German list subscribe also to the
English one. The English list most of the time has far less traffic
(though this should be changed ;-) ).

For a start I'll post the English manifesto to `list-en'.
Then it's easier to comment on.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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