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[ox-en] Opus Creative Commons


From all that I saw until now in the sector of art which relates
somehow to Free Software the Opus Creative Commons project seems to be
closest to the principles of Free Software:

  Opus seeks to build a creative commons with a community of media
  practitioners, artists, authors and the public from all over the
  world. Here people can present their own work and make it open for
  transformation, besides intervening and transforming the work of
  others by bringing in new materials, practices and insights. The
  Discussion forums are there to open out the works to comments and
  reflections. Opus follows the same rules as those that operate in
  all free software communities - i.e. the freedom to view, to
  download, to modify and to redistribute. The source(code), in this
  case the video, image, sound or text, is free to use, to edit and to

Check out

In his talk at OpenCultures Shuddhabrata Sengupta talked of recensions
which are made to works of art. The idea is that recensions exist
independently from the original work in their own right. One example
he gave was the different versions of the bible which all exist in
parallel and are all accepted.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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