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[ox-en] Indymedia -- the journal of the revolution?


Since the start of the war on Iraq I've been spending most
of my spare time on the internet doing Indymedia stuff and
it's great because, unlike all other lefty groups and
organisations I have been involved with before it works
like a Free software project, for example see this email
from last April describing how the UK Indymedia was
migrating from one code base to another:

  If you want something done, read the manual (scattered
  across lists and twiki) and go ahead - sometimes this
  just involves "doing it", sometimes you'll need to make
  a proposal to the appropriate list.  Sometimes you might
  not be able to "do it yourself" - in that case you'll
  have to convince someone else to do it for you.

The internationalism of Indymedia is also worth noting,
not only are there sites being set up around the globe but
also the people setting them up are, in my experience,
from all over the world, it is a global project.

Indymedia has also sparked several different Free software
project for running IMC sites and, again unlike
traditional lefty organisations, Indymedia makes use of
multiple net communication channels in an effective way --
web, irc, wiki, email lists etc.

A post from me about Free software, that was originally
just intended as a newswire article:

Has just been put at the top of the UK Indymedia front

And since Oekonux gets a mention I thought I'd better let
this list know :-)




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