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[ox-en] Re: Oekonux at the WSIS

Hi Chris and all!

3 weeks (25 days) ago Chris Croome wrote:
Has anyone got any ideas or given any thought to what
things we can do as Project Oekonux on the fringes of the

I have no specific idea. At the WSIS itself I think the Oekonux issues
are not very on-topic. May be this time will come but at the moment it
is too early ;-) . [These are the sentences for which some people call
me optimistic ;-) ].

At the counter / alternative summit Oekonux could be presented if
people from Oekonux want to make a presentation there. Any volunteers?

						Mit Freien Grüßen



Thread: oxenT01136 Message: 3/6 L2 [In index]
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