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Re: [ox-en] What if the designs of everything were free?


I think we are in the "trash decade", because the industries are
oriented to business not to users or the environment. We are slaves of
this kind of industry: Work -> Buy ->  Throw -> Work -> Buy -> Throw ->
Until dead

If we design free/open objects, it will be more perfects, the design
will be oriented to our needs, to our freedom not only to business. The
open/free designs will be free in our countries but also all around the
world, and "poor" countries will can produce these kind of objects
without dependencies, without legal problems. Maybe companies will
produce and improve these designs, and they will compete but also
cooperate between them with the same open/free designs.

I think also there is a lot of improvements and inventions that are keep
secret because it's not interesting commercially, but for sure, there
are interesting for us and the environment.

With this point of view, users will have also more knowledge to decide
which open/free design is better to other.

This is free (as in freedom) knowledge also.

Free/Open Designs will be *perfectibles* like old photo cameras.

I'm planning to work in this direction with some friends only for fun
(like with Free Software) but also trying to solve our problems and
trying to share solutions:
but we are starting. We want to write a manifest maybe we can write
something all together.

Other design and industry it's possible...


Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
PS: Sorry for my "spanglish"

El vie, 01-08-2003 a las 11:10, Chris Croome escribió:
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I guess we can all see a time where almost all software is
free and it appears that this would work quite well :-)

What if all the designs of things that are designed on
computers were also made free -- under a GPL style
license, and their evloution was organised via open email
I don't only mean washing machines and car but buildings
and machines that produce other machines etc.

Is this something that it is possible to imagine within


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