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Re: [ox-en] Open Source and Denied Parties

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, auskadi wrote:
But my point is that you cant maintain some sort of open source purity
by hiding behind a statement that its not a a licence issue- it is a
licence issue as licences operate within the context of the applicable
law ...........

It operates within the context of license law. I don't know US license
law, but I have never heard that US export controls are in conflict with
the GPL or other open source licenses. Do you have contrary information
from a legal counsel?

the answer may be to admit the software is not free or to move your
point of distribution to somewhere we it is not constrained by law.

There is no such place. As you point out yourself, all licenses operate
within a context of national license law, and there is no longer any place
in the world not governed by any law or treaty.

  - Per


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