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Re: [ox-en] Theses about the relation between the Oekonux project and the remaining world

Hi lists!

4 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Yesterday Benj Mako Hill wrote:
I have been to conferences at Yale and Harvard Law Schools where
speakers used pseudonyms and false identities. The vast majority of
organizers, hotel staff, attendees, and people who read the
proceedings will never suspect and have no reason to.

For reasons of appearance and professionalism (if that's something
you're interested in, and often it is) it might be worth asking people
to only use pseudonyms that could plausibly be their name (that means
you have at least a family name and initials). This will bar speeches
from peopled called the Dark Knight, Overfiend, and aXXe but still
leave flexibility for those who don't want the name to show up on an
employers or border guard's google search. If people are serious about
using a pseudonym, you'll probably never know anyway.

Thanks for this clarification.

Indeed, this is exactly my position: Pseudonyms are ok as long as they
could plausibly be their name (and not Adolf Hitler or Che Guevara).

I had an additional idea on this issue. Just as pseudonyms such as
Dark Knight or Che Guevara violate a neutral outlook so do academic
titles like Dr. or Prof.

I thus would say that academic titles should not be part of the name
of a person in all conference announcements. It can be mentioned in
the vita of a person that s/he made her PhD just as it can be
mentioned that s/he organized the social forum so-and-so. But the
academic title should not be considered part of the name.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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