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[ox-en] European Commission publishes "Open Source Migration Guidelines"



  The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines provide practical and
  detailed recommendations on how to migrate to Open Source Software
  (OSS)-based office applications, calendaring, e-mail and other
  standard applications.

  They have been developed with guidance from public sector IT experts
  from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Germany, Malta, the Netherlands,
  Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. The relevance and readability of the
  Migration Guidelines were validated with the help of the regional
  authorities of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

The document is available at

From there

  These guidelines have been designed to help public administrators
  decide whether a migration to OSS should be undertaken and describe,
  in broad technical terms, how such a migration could be carried out.
  They are based on practical experience of a limited number of
  publicly available case studies, and cover a wide range of
  management and technical

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