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Re: [ox-en] 3. Oekonux Conference: Call for Contribution

Hi list!

Yesterday Stefan Merten wrote:
The planned conference shall give room to bundle, collectively
re-discuss and make fruitful for all, thoughts which developed in
different places independently. Besides getting to know one other in
talks and workshops the respective current state of the discussion
shall be presented. Moreover there will be a concentrated introduction
in the content of the Oekonux debate.

We plan to give a introduction in the Oekonux debate. From the
planning document:

  Another proposal is to have a noticeable fraction of contributions
  form us, i.e. the people making up the Oekonux project, which tell
  about what we think on the Oekonux mailing lists. In the past
  Oekonux conferences this part was very little. This led to many
  rather basic questions about Oekonux theory in many presentations
  from those, who don't know Oekonux well yet.

  An interesting extension of such contributions contributions could
  be that they give an outline of what happened in the project until
  now. What has been discussed and where is the respective discussion

  For this we should reserve an extra day or an extra track. It might
  be a good idea to take the Thursday for that so people new to
  Oekonux have the introduction in the beginning. A worse alternative
  would be to reserve a normal track for such contributions.

  It would be nice if such a big introduction into Oekonux theory
  could be followed by an open end plenary session where the need for
  general discussions with each other could have a place.

For this to become really good a few people from the Oekonux project
should give talks. Perhaps you can think of an issued you would like
to tackle. Presentation forms are more or less arbitrary. For instance
I could imagine to combine several short contributions to a longer
one. Of course reimbursement of travel costs and accommodation is
granted as for all speakers.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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