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Documentation Standards was Re: [ox-en] UserLinux

I'm interested in the (implied? or am I reading that into your post?) idea of documentation standards being an essential part of what makes Free Software Free (or "Common" in the best sense). Especially given that the generally appalling standards of documentation seem to be one of the biggest current obstacles to promoting Free Software (BTW if anybody knows where I can find some decent documentation for MinGW, I'd be very interested...)Can you pass on any links where the Debian FS guidelines explicitly cover documentation? Any other related sources would also be of great interest.


Paul Bowman

Bruce has been the driving force behind a committe between Debian the
FSF to try to get Debian to work with the FSF to have the FSF's
documentation come fully inline with the Debian Free Software
Guidelines -- something that RMS has been very resistant to do. He
done more for holding documents to high free software standards than
almsot anyone else in the community -- although it appears he's not
holding his own documents to anywhere near the same standards.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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