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Re: [ox-en] Germ of a new form of society or germ of a new form of business?

On 10 Dec 2003 at 6:52, Martin Hardie wrote:

I was attracted to Stefan Merten's writings in part because of his
characterisation of things p2p as a germ of a new form of society.
However I am find that many people here - or my impression; talk or
are more interested in a germ of a new way of doing business or a new
business model.

I strongly disagree with the former. I am here for the latter. See my
first post to this list some weeks ago.

Are both of these the "Oekonux way"?

Are they the same thing?

They're sufficiently similar at this particular stage of development
that failure in either means little work lost. There's something
interesting in this general direction and if you get enough dialogue
going, maybe we'll nail it down and get to make the post-Microsoft
era in computer technology.

Put it this way - not one single book I've read explains properly how
a set of disjunct geographically & culturally disparate engineers can
generate large complex engineering projects with no management
whatsoever - especially with no financial return. We all know it
works, but /why/ it works and even more importantly *how* it works is
the key to a superior paradigm of production.



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