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Re: [ox-en] social networking kit requirements

Hi Franz!

2 months (73 days) ago Franz Nahrada wrote:
So my strategy here is to say: "We are happy to serve all manner of
activists who would like to make effective use of marginal Internet
access.  However, we will focus our efforts on four groups that have
different kinds of marginal access."

And then write a couple of sentences about each of the kinds of access.
 Joy, Mark, Dennis, Bala, Franz I appreciate your help here.

- Africa and AIDS.  Most primitive.  This includes areas where there may
be absolutely no access.  Mark and Joy spoke about introducing a
computer (with access) into a village.  So that would be good to know
more about from you.

Just a technical note: AFAIK there is some radio based technology to
offer access. May be it's UUCP based. The advantage is that you don't
need a cable.

Our strategy is to develop custom solutions for 125 individual activists
with marginal access so that we learn of many effective ways they might
participate in Internet society.

As you are saying, Franz: Why develop custom solutions? Why not just
customize the existing solutions? What's wrong with them? Any idea?

We will build an open source engine for
web services so as to deliver our best solutions in centralized ways,

The guy is kidding, isn't he. Just another open source engine for web
services? What's wrong with all the Apache projects out there?

much as webmail is today.

Webmail is a concept which is particularly bad for thin and temporary
connections to the Internet - at least if you can use some personal
account on a computer. Any protocol which allows downloading mail -
such as POP3, IMAP - to process it offline is far more suited for such

Does this guy has any idea of what he's talking about? I mean it's
ridiculous what he proposes there. Is he actually interested in that
or is he just striving for some funding for some programmers?

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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