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[ox-en] Open: Call for papers

I know oekonux is not an announcement list, but since this goes deeply into 
oekonux territory, I thought some of you might be interested in this 
opportunity to formalize some of the discussions going here.

best. Felux

A special issue of M/C -- Media and Culture

Since the rebranding of Free Software into Open Source in 1998, "open" has 
become the buzzword for all things progressive on and off the Internet. Open 
Law, Open Hardware, Open Culture, Open Publishing, Open Access or Open 
Archives are just some of the many concepts which are being retooled to serve 
the more or less defined public good in the Information Society. 

Yet, at the same time, multinational corporations have become major actors in 
the Open Source Software area and commercial publishers are beginning to 
seriously look into Open Access model. In the background of the recent 
enthusiasm with "open" lurks the "Open Society" concept of Karl Popper, whose 
political preferences for Margret Thatcher's neoliberalism are well known.

OPEN aims to take a critical look at this concept of the "open". Is it a 
temporary buzzword that signifies nothing but an astute sense of 
salesmanship? Is it an alternative social concept, or just yet another step 
in making capitalism ever more flexible? What is it that makes something 
"open" and are some projects more "open" than others? Is "open" always better 
than closed? How does "open" relate to areas where we might value closure, 
for example,  personal privacy? Can we imagine an even more open concept of 
social, cultural and economic life? 

For the upcoming OPEN edition for M/C, we are inviting papers between 1000 and 
2000 words that critically examine the concept of "open" from any 
perspective. We invite equally theoretical investigations of the concept as 
empirical studies of particular  projects with special regard to their  
"openess" or "closeness". 

Guest Editors for OPEN: 
McKenzie Wark, core faculty in media and communication, Lang College, New 
School University, and guest scholar, American Studies, New York  University

Felix Stalder, Lecturer in  Media Economy at the New Media Department, Academy 
of Art and Design, Zurich, head of research at and co-moderator 
of the nettime mailing list.

Article deadline: 19 March 2004	
Release date: 21 April 2004

M/C - Media and Culture

For more about M/C

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