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Re: [ox-en] Re: No-trade society (was: Re: herrschaft)

* Ref.: »Re: [ox-en] Re: No-trade society (was: Re: herrschaft)«
*        Per I. Mathisen 	(2004-01-16  10:48)

Hi Per,

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Robin Green wrote:
I would go further and say that in any case where money is
"abolished" it would be quickly reinvented (through barter,
if money were in some way actively repressed).

You cannot separate the current social institution known as
"money" from the state infrastructure that actively supports
it. Sure, you can print your own money, but its social
significance will be rather small without a state to back it up
with laws, courts, central banks, economic crime units, etc.. 

I do agree with you here.  But I would like to add that this is
not a choice of the state (etc.). In an exchange-based economy
you need a general equivalent as a common measure and as means of
evaluation, storage, accumulation etc. Money is only needed for
trade (or, more generally speaking, for large-scale
exchange-based social organisation). The state needs to support
the monetary system in order to stabilise the social structure
that is based on this principle (and with it -- itself, as one of
it's core institutions)..

Free software shows, that economic activity is not bound to this
structure and to those principles -- at least as long as there is
a "reasonably stable economic basis" (Felix).

a. Nobody finds working in a sewage farm fulfulling. ...

If we were to institute a sort of 'GPL society' tomorrow, there
would be a whole class of tasks nobody really wanted to do. ...

Why?  Tomorrow they will say "Nobody finds it fulfulling to think
about how to overcome the negative sides of a distasteful
society."  Yet, the wish to overcome an unbearable situation
makes every work fulfilling.  As long as there is a perspective
of reaching that goal.  Today, however, "working in a sewage
farm" means (among other things ;-) repetitive work with no
perspective at all. This is IMO where the problem lies.


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