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[ox-en] Oekonux main discussion lists as Usenet newsgroups

Hi lists!

The Oekonux main discussion lists [ox] and [ox-en] are available as
newsgroups via the Gmane Mail to News Gateway [].

The more technical persons among you may know that today
(unfortunately) newsgroups are one of the big sources for mail address
harvesters. However, all mail addresses are converted to something
which can't be automatically traced back to the original address so
IMHO there is maximum protection given.

Since I consider the mailing lists nonetheless the central hubs of the
project the newsgroups are configured in a way which makes replying to
the newsgroup impossible. Since all the discussion lists are open to
anybody this is not a problem because a person reading the newsgroup
can always reply to the respective list.

To use it just point your usenet client to

and search for




If your web browser supports usenet (most do) then you should be able
to open the archives directly at




The newsgroups are running since mid September last year. This
announcement comes as late as today because we had to clarify the mail
address obfuscation with the Gmane people. However, as of today it
seems they finally set it up (thanks, Holger, for checking once more)
and now this can be declared an official feature of Project Oekonux.

Also there is

where you can search the newsgroup archives as far as they are there.
At the moment only mails starting from mid September are available but
at some point the complete archives may be available this way.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


PS: If you do not know what Usenet newsgroups are chances are you do
not want to know. In the case of Oekonux the newsgroups are only a
passive mirror of the mailing lists.


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