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[ox-en] [Conet] Top 10 open source tools for eActivism

Hi Joe,

I've stumbled across your post ;) - I've cc'ed this email to the Project Oekonux [1], where this story was mentioned today [2].

On 13 Jan 2004 Joe Fortey:

The interesting thing about this list is that many of the tools also do
some of the jobs of the others - there is a lot of cross-over.

I take your point, and they don't seem to mention email list ?

Perhaps they are unable to sense that these technologies allow communities to both publish and 'act on their information and understanding of issues' ?

I spend a lot of time at the moment on the Irish list of the Free Software Foundation Europe [3]. This list formed in June 03 and is very active. Most of this activity to date has concerned lobbying against the Software Patentability Directive suggested by the European Parliament.

I am constantly heartened by the quality of the information distilled on this list. This information is used by both the group (as formal letters to the existing State bodies) and the group members ( in various formats ) to push our case.

I spent a number of years as a shop steward and I liken this list to a 'shop'; however it has considerable advantages to any trade union structure: * The group is non-hierarchical; every one is a 'member' and everyone is a 'steward'.
* All documents are open and archived.

To echo a comment made some time ago on Oekonux:

 "All power to the lists"

Hope this helps.


BTW Joe: Thanks for your help clashing [fsfe-uk] and [centres] earlier this month ;)

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