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Re: [ox-en] Re: herrschaft

Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
| Note that my email was in the present tense.

Ok, granted.

| You had to go the web
| archive to find your example which implies it is no longer the case
| (and hasn't been for nearly half a decade or more).

(not sure about the exact time-- I picked the first (oldest) version of
the page that had the quote I was looking for, but the exact dates
hardly matter)

| Since I've been in
| contact with the FSF in 2000 they have had only one technical employee
| -- a system administrator -- and the only code they paid for is the
| stuff that runs their web page and online store.

Ok. Yes, the cases I remember are pretty old, I just remember that not
that long ago I saw a statement from them saying "we occasionally
pay..." but I couldn't find it now, so I guess those days may be over.
There's certainly enough people helping development in all sorts of
areas today that the FSF funding specific things may simply no longer be

- Benja


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