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[ox-en] Making the text on the Wiki Public Domain, was: Re: [pox] Zur Lizenzenfrage


On Mon 02-Feb-2004 at 05:16:13PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Franz Nahrada wrote:

I wish to ask that you might consider to change your license so
that it is Public Domain except as noted
( )   

Having talked with some people about this and reading why the
InfoAnarchy Wiki is public domain:
I'm convinced that we should make the text on the Oekonux Wiki public
domain and that we should use / reference the Creative Commons public
domain dedication:

Questions about how this works in German law and so forth can be
followed up there -- there is not yet a German list but if there are
people wanting one I'm sure it would be set up:

This is also being discussed on the Wiki here:

If others are in agreement I suggest that we seek the agreement of all
the people with user accounts on the sites:

And if there is anyone we can't contact or don't get agreement from then
we can always just delete their contributions...

I guess that follow ups to this might make most sense being done on the

Also I haven't sent this to the German list or put stuff about it on the
German Wiki because I can't read or write German... if somone who can
could translate if needs be / forward this that would be great.


Chris Croome                               <chris>
web design                    
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