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Re: A second WAS [ox-en] Germ of a new form of society ? [Philosophical Investigation]

On Friday 13 February 2004 07:41, Adam Moran wrote:

Adam said Niall said:

For example if communism had enshrined a
dynamic constantly changing worldview at its heart, it would like
have succeeded (of course it wouldn't be communism anymore).

Niall you are getting confused here between state socialism (was actually 
existing communism) with communism.
Communism is in fact all about a dynamic constantly changing worldview - 
always reproposing the limit. Have aread of the Negri chapter I posted a 
couple of weeks ago. This dynamic, pusing the frontier, always being able to 
reask the question is the essence of communism, a la the Grundrisse-Marx, 
Hardt and Negri and Deleuze.
What you speak of was not communism. ... it was a colonislation of language 
and just another mode of capitalist/commodity production, albeit "planned".

Maybe Oexonux theory should define categorically the correct meaning of 
communism !! :-) (just in case anyone thinks otherwise this preceding 
sentence is a joke!).



"Mind you, I am not asking you to bear witness to what you believe false, 
which would be a sin, but to testify falsely to what you believe true - which 
is a virtuous act because it compensates for lack of proof of something 
that certainly exists or happened." Bishop Otto to Baudolino in Umberto Eco's 


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