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Re: [ox-en] Re-Modelling Perceptual Positioning and Processing

On 21 Feb 2004 at 3:23, Adam Moran wrote:

IV.	Strangely the cry of this site is let the engineers write, and I
know I'm not the only one around here with that capability. We have
such a pleasant song to sing that I wouldn't want to mess it up with
my many mumbleings. For those folk not paying attention to where
Niall, Rich, I, and perhaps others got, is we have a universe open and
a travel pass. Pick your characters, pick your colours ... i seem to
be getting too many and need some mates to help me tell this tale.

It's one thing to sing, it's quite another to get others to even open
the same hymn-book!

You're right that I believe that I know how we shall all think in a
century's time and I get the feeling that on this list at least there
is a higher concentration of people of a similar belief. Despite my
outlandish views previously expressed on many topics here, I was
actually holding myself considerably back and keeping on topics I was
absolutlely sure about. Now, if you get me onto stuff I'm not so sure
about, I begin to veer even wider from established wisdom. I get the
feeling Adam that you may well be the same.

It's interesting that the more unconventional you get, the more fear
and hate you attract from others, especially those considered
experts. My current life occupation which sucks up from sixty to
eighty hours of my life per week is to write a system of software
which is as I think all software should be (apart from games). I
think it will revolutionise the world.

However, the realist in me knows that it will be too radical for many
- how I think software should be structured is fundamentally at odds
with current convention. People will use my system and dislike it
intensely just because it's different even if it does increase their
productivity vastly. And I will take it personally, because this work
coming from the heart as it does is existentially me.

All I can hope is that perhaps by *doing* people can see that my
views are not as half-baked as they appear on first glance and do
have merit. I pray that when they actually use it, they find
themselves enjoying it so much that they stay and bring my views in
from the cold.

Of course, I could be insane and this software will be unusable by
anyone at all (this is what most experts I have talked to say). But
then what is sanity really, a happy lunatic bothering no one is just
as entitled to be as anyone else.



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