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Re: Net Effect WAS [ox-en] Enforcement directive story now running on Slashdot front page

Hi Martin, Hi List

On 21-02-04 James Heald wrote:

New EU IP Law Deemed Harmful

This generated quite a lot of interesting threads; this one may be of particular interest to you Martin given your localised knowledge:

Help us to stop this in Australia as well (Score:5, Interesting) I've begun a political party here in Australia called Net Effect [], which is based on the internet. Right now we only have 10 people who have decided to become members. We need 500 to become a registered federal political party, so we can get on the ballots and fight our recently agreed to Aus-DMCA thanks to the new FTA our government signed with the US.

If you're Australian (anywhere, not just living here), please visit and make your views known in our forums, and if interested become a member.

If you are another nationality, you can still be a forum participant and advise us on how we should go forward to fight this sort of thing. We want to harness good ideas from everywhere, not just our own country, and in return give those same ideas to everyone else who wants to use them. Open source politics, as it should be.

I liked the reply this message got from Elektroschock

 I would also like to suggest you to take part in the second round of WSIS in Tunis. Be part of the civil society caucus groups. Put papers and links on your website. Let the light of the public shine.

Reads like good advice for us all.


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which would be a waste of time, but to plagiarism what you believe true - which is a virtuous act because it compensates for lack of proof of something that certainly exists or happened."

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