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[ox-en] Paul Bowmans email to Richard Stallman

Hello.  I recently found out that Mr. Bowman had been making accusations
about me on this mailing list.  After reading through the threads, I saw
the truth of the maxim, "the only way to fight hate speech is with more
speech".  Having suffered Mr Bowmans remarks, I now present you with
"more speech", hopefully in a non-hateful tone.  In this email I present
the email that Paul Bowman originally sent to Richard Stallman and Bruce
Perens, among others.

Please note for the record, I sent Mr. Bowman several private emails
asking him to communicate with me directly about his concerns.  In
response, he publicly accused me of attacking his machine with viruses
and of sending him threatening emails.  I had no other communication
with or knowledge of Mr. Bowman prior to being told of his public

I have been a Debian developer for six years out of an ideological
commitment to freedom and an ethic of public service.  Compromising six
years of work for the sake of petty vengeance seems silly to me, and I
hope to everyone else reading this list.

I am a real person, with real feelings, a disabled wife, and two
beautiful children.  You can see her as she was before the car accident
at her website:  I hope that after reading Mr. Bowmans
email, you will be able to form your own judgements of how credible his
accusations are.

Even now, if Mr Bowman is willing to publicly come forward and speak to
me about his concerns, not only am I confident I can address them, but I
am willing to forgive and forget as well.

In Solidarity,

Jonathan Walther

PS: I stand behind my words.  I normally sign my emails with PGP to
assure people the message comes from me.  This list rejects mails with
PGP attachments though.  If you doubt my identity, my phone number is
immediately below.

Address: 13685 Hilton Road, Surrey, BC V3R5J8 (Canada)
Contact: 604-951-4142 (between 7am and 10pm, PST)


Subject: URGENT: This is potentially a threat to your and others personal security Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 08:00:02 -0000 From: Paul Bowman <helvetius> To: BRUCE PERENS


Never mind the GPG key, I can't even find an email for Richard Stallman.
Could you forward this to him please (and read it yourself while you're
at it). I would appreciate it if you would then destroy this email and
use the information only and try and keep my name out of this
(goddammit!).  Thank you SO much for making me send this in plain.
Please get a GPG key for the use of anyone else who tries to pass you
important information at the risk of their own job and liberty next

yours resignedly,



This is very important - don't DO anything until you have read ALL this
email. This is much more serious than an exam paper so don't ignore it
this time... Remember your phone is probably tapped by cops who have
known what you're about to find out for some time - you'll get no help
from them, nor will they let you off for saying anything illegal down a
phone line, regardless of the circumstances...

Jonathan Walther krooger still currently on the page as an active Debian developer,
is a very real Nazi.

If this is already common knowledge why the fuck is he still on there
and why the fuck haven't I found any mention of it on your site, Debian
or 4 hours of web-searching (OK I'm probably not as good a searcher as
yourself or most of the hackers you know but 4 hours worth of
webserching on "Walther Nazi" on the web, Debian mail-lists your site,
etc, etc. etc, has got me nothing - that's the only reason I've resorted
to writing this email - though I find it unbelievable, I can only
conclude that this arrogant moron has managed to keep his cover


You may be thinking that that page does not prove that an active
developer involved in the Debian project is a genuine Nazi.

Trust me I've tried clutching that straw too. And every other one I can
think of for the last 5 hours or so since I came across that page. That
page didn't bother me - I've seen Nazi crap before on the internet, so
has everyone - so what? It was the page above that surprised me. I've
seen Nazi's put political stuff from other political tendencies on their
pages before. The claim that the page owner was a Free Software
developer bothered me a bit - but I reckoned he must have been
bullshitting. What really bothered me was when I realised that this
arrogant (and STUPID - thank god* even the relatively smart nazis can't
avoid making stupid mistakes sooner or later) bastard was actually
trying to conceal the fact that he was a nazi on by simply not putting a link to his "secret"

What if the "secret" page is a clever smear put their by a nazi hacker
to discredit Walther? (though I suspect that's not his real name - James
Bond - Walther PPK - this is fascist humour, as is krooger, as is
ratpoison and ratmenu, as is his recent conversion to "hippie" music, as
is the "Humanure Handbook"  on the top page, as is his claim that Ernst
fucking Zundel the bloody holocaust denier was not a Nazi on ... in
1992, as is the title "... where the bodies are buried" and as is the
fact that at the very bottom of reactor-core, just under the external
link to YOU he has openly put a link to the Nazi site Yggdrasil - WAKE
UP goddammit!) OK, I just answered the question I started the paragraph
with. He's openly taunting you, me and everybody else that were too
stupid to suss him out.  Wrong.

If you don't believe me yet (and you shouldn't) start with doing all the
necessary searching you need to do to until you know for sure one way or
the other (I may be wrong but I'm buggered if I can see how and I've
been trying for hours) - Do it now. Forget everything you're supposed to
be doing until you are sure you know the answer to the proposition that
Debian and fuck knows who else in your movement have been totally
penetrated by a nazi infiltrator - [warning that straw that he's on his
own is no good - where did he get hold of all that material on the
secrets page? He's in communication with the whole US nazi movement, if
only through leadership channels.

Next you need to know who the fucking hell I am, considering I just
royally screwed your day. My name is Paul Michael Bowman. As it happens
I work in a techie job but that's irrelevant as is anything else you
might find relating to me in terms of the Free Software / Open Source
movement.  Neither of these is my "real job". My real job is voluntary
and I work for no-one (and yet everyone, nazis excluded, if you catch my
drift), I don't get paid and it has been the work of my life since the
age of 19 (37 now).  In the course of it I have been successful enough
in fucking up (in all senses of the word) the nazis of my home town
Leeds, Yorkshire and all over England. As a result they have paid me the
ultimate tribute of making it their mission to kill me for the last 10
or so years - so far they have failed, partly because of the advantage a
brown belt in one of the more unsporting Japanese martial arts, but
mostly because they're stupider than me. This is the main advantage you
need to beat these bastards and you have got in spades, mate. Even so
you may be feeling a bit shocked and possibly more than a little scared
right now unless you know for a fact that the scumbag has not been able
to gain enough trust or access to get your home address or other such
details that his movement (he is not alone - he will be passing on
intelligence to the nazi groups he is in contact with - they want you
particularly and any other FLOSS leading lights who come from Jewish
origins - trust me mate, they don't give a shit what you do or don't
believe in, religiously speaking - anyone you know on speaking terms who
fits that description I will allow you to pass on this email or my name
- but only if you think its absolutely necessary - I would ask you to do
so in encrypted form and ask them to delete it after they've read it as
I'm asking you to delete this one - I thought of Bruce Perens
particularly due to profile, Debian connection and being Jewish - if
anything he's probably nearer any potential danger than you are - in
fact I'll send him a copy of this at the same time now I think of it -
OK, I lied, now I've just this minute google'd the fact that he's
actually Jewish - I never assume anything by name alone, BTW, I had to
google you too as it's not on your site for obvious reasons as an
atheist. I know this sounds racist itself, but when your dealing with
Nazis it's the only sure-fire way you know who you can trust from people
you've never met - that's not just my 19 years of "active service"
talking, every group I've ever worked with in this (a-f) movement relies
on it too - of course it doesn't change people's individual beliefs or
whether they agree with you or not, even on the question of using
violence - all legitimate self-defence from the a-f perspective -
against the fash, but it's always guaranteed discretion which is all I

To check my bona fides you can check with Gerry Gable from Searchlight
magazine here in London (use a search engine for details I'm running out
of time) or either Nick or Steve the current co-editors. Not sure who
else works in the office these days but unless they're completely new,
they'll more than likely know me. If Searchlight means nothing to you,
the only US counter-part I know is Lenny Zeskind from the Southern
Poverty Law Centre (if that's still what it's called) he probably won't
remember me directly as I only met him a few times when he was speaking
over here (and then mostly in a bodyguard capacity) but he can certainly
vouch for Gerry Gable (I'd avoid the word "vouch" though cos he'll
probably laugh which may not suit your mood at the moment). BTW a quick
political disclaimer - other than anti-fascism none of us have much in
common on the political front so don't judge my politics by theirs or
vice versa - I'm actually an anarchist which Gerry and Lenny certainly

OK, now the final bit. Fear is normal but it can be incapacitating if
you're not as used to it as people who've been doing this shit for years
are. The secret is to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking
about your mother, your family and your friends who these scumbags also
want to attack. See? Now you're angry instead of scared, no more
paralysis, you can think clearly again. Time to use the best weapon in
your arsenal - your superior brainpower - combined with the fact that
their motivated by hate and inadequacy and on the side of death, whereas
we are motivated by the desire to protect our loved ones and on the side
of life. Simple as that really. Listen, gotta go. I still have to find
your GPG key and figure out how to encrypt this sucker and then get a
bath and go to work. Speaking of which, if my work were to find out any
of this the fact that I forgot to mention my stays inside means that I
will not only get the sack, but they will probably have a serious sense
of humour loss (an anarchist-communist dedicated to the abolition of
money working as a DBA in a bank fer chrissakes - not that I'm stupid
enough to believe I can bring down capitalism by crashing a few servers,
I know far too much both on an IT and political level to believe that
could work - you can no more crash a social relationship than you can
blow it up - duh! Sadly management who know fuck all about computers do
know loads about panicking irrationally...) and carry out that threat to
have anybody who lies on their job application arrested for "obtaining
money by deception" a.k.a.  Fraud - with my record that's prison again
for sure - I'm in your hands on this one but somehow I'm not that
worried...:) Anyway, good luck and cheer up, for all the "heroics" I
still haven't got a girlfriend either. Ho hum...

an injury to one is an injury to all,

Paul Bowman

P.S. no time to re-read, spell check or whatever as its 7am already and
I've got a production change scheduled for 9. Again hopefully I've got
it wrong somehow but I'm afraid I don't think so.

* actually I'm an atheist - I just haven't got the time to remove all
 these kinds of idoms from my speech - I've got too many more important
 things to worry about.

** as a result of my activities I have been sent to prison twice for
 violence against nazis - the first time I hadn't done it, the cops and
 the fash collaborated to frame me - though in the cops case, it was
 just cos they needed to send someone down for a downtown clash that I
 was at but didn't throw even a punch in - I was a beginner then and
 was totally unprepared for a fight breaking out - I just froze with
 fear. Since I got out after that first time I've been cheerfully
 guilty of clobbering nazis every time they try and mobilise on the
 streets - after all if you leave em be they just end up kicking fuck
 out of random passers by who look weak enough to be an easy target for
Organization: projekt

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