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Re: [ox-en] "counteracting causes" and the most productive class - Negri's Leninism?

Break the questions down into smaller chunks, because as you've
got them now I think they're unanswerable. Maybe smaller pieces
might be better to get hold of.
I was thinking this as well - further I think the question is quite limiting. It is presented such that you are accepting much beyond the scope of the subject. There is no allowance for change beyond the implementation of the gpl - and I suspect that a widespread adoption would include other changes (though this presents an interesting alternate possibility of *only* gpl adoption).

You wrote in another mail about people in Mocambique not being interested in a gpl society but in ways to start their own businesses. If the gpl gives them that is there a problem?
I suspect that as they've not experience the advanced-form capitalism present in western society they are not yet concerned with it's conclusion?

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Thread: oxenT02296 Message: 9/9 L6 [In index]
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