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[ox-en] Re: usage of software and the CGPL

hello everyone,

i've been lurking indeed, but it seems i must have been blind or something. i won't go into a long series of debates here with mako because from our conversations it was made clear that on certain things we have diametrically opposite views. May it be stated that the Common Good Public License and the Organis Project which is the virtual roof where we discuss ways to extend and harness the efforts of the people involved in the CGPL believes that law is a means to enforce ethics (and yes, the GNU GPL also does this) and that the times ahead of us ask for more than digital liberty (which is all the GNU GPL ensures). We need enforceable ethics, but this enforceability need not necessarily stem from the current legal system, which is partly rotten, unethical, and many of its aspects are bound to collapse; ethics is not a question that legal systems should decide- and the CGPL is a p2p agreement among autonomous people who value community to be ethical. below are some of my commen
 ts on what has been told so far:

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 12:49:12PM -0500, Graham Seaman wrote:
b. People clustered round a small group of licenses of which IMO the
most significant is the license formerly known as the ggpl ('greater
good public license'), now the cgpl. See This
license includes the UN declaration on human rights as part of its

Googling and searching on Freshmeat and Sourceforge, I could not find
a single piece of software under the CGPL. I'm sure the exist but I
don't get the sense it's anything more than interesting illectual idea
for people who want to harness the power of FOSS but who, for whatever
reasons, don't buy into the radical non-discrimination that lies at
the heart of FOSS.

There are a number of projects harnessed by the CGPL. They are: 
1. the Gnubook project []
2. hyperfun F-rep language []
3. mapping contemporary capitalism []
4. KnoBot, WYMIWYG - dual licensed with BSD-style license []
5. there are also a number of technologies that are not licensed under the CGPL, but embrace its principles and are run in alignment with the underlying ethical perspective as set forth by the CGPL. Principal among these is a japanese adaptation of mandrake - NihonLinux

more will follow promptly; sorry for the time lag, but my attention span is sometimes troubling:-)


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