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[ox-en] Re: [minciu_sodas_en] Authorship: Commons, or Set of Individuals?

Quoting Andrius Kulikauskas <ms>:
Who is the author?
Set of Individuals => Express your wish definitely, simply, purely.
Commons => Express your wish as a default "except as noted".

what is the actual difference between these two in this general form, beyond
their rhetoric composition ?

Who is accountable?
Set of Individuals => Insist on attribution.
Commons => Do not insist on attribution.

How do I find someone who is not attrbiuted in order to stand on her shoulders?
The use of and further advance of ideas, or creative stuff, are often well
faciliated by the author or creator, IMHO......

Who should the work unite?
Set of Individuals => Share alike = Share with those of the same culture
of sharing.
Commons => Share with all (of every culture).

There can be many commons and I for one do not want to share my counter-cultural
creations with Rupert Murdoch WITHOUT any further agreements. Hence I can
believe in a commons that I perceive others not to beleive in and hence not
want to share with them as a default. Also, all things?creations are in the
same shape.

Whose rights should be protected?
Set of Individuals => Rely on laws.  License as Copyright (or Copyleft,
Creative Commons, etc.).
Commons => Rely on morality. Declare as Public Domain.

All these points are very generalised and simplistic in the way that they
juxtapose the individual (of which there are, I beleive, more than 6 billions)
and a commons to be regulated merely by "morality". Is your morality the same
as mine? Is morality some sort of Universal code and higher order that we all
access in the same way and to same effect?

 A "commons" lets us care on behalf of others, those beyond
us - people who will come after us, and those who came before; those who
are not aware, mature, sane, conscious, responsible; our shared culture,
and even those outside of humankind, animals, plants, and all of nature.

Again, I do not want to share with George Bush and his friends, because he does
not want to share with me. I believe in a certain level of negation of evil.

in solidarity,


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