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[ox-en] werkleitz biennale seeks your help

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From: peter zorn <pz>
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Subject: werkleitz biennale seeks your help
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 19:28:27 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

Dear colleagues, artists, net activists, media experts,

in preparation of the 6th Werkleitz Biennale " Common Property"
which will be held in the city of Halle (Saale) East-Germany
from 1st to 5th of September this year, we are researching
interesting internet projects which deal with the issues of Common Property.

Our idea is to set up a space both in the real as well as in the virtual
world which represents the idea of a "Network of Commons".

Therefore we are approaching you to ask you if you would be so kind
and take part as a "network nod" meaning an expert which recommends
about 5 different internet projects which deal with issues of Common 
It also may involve your own projects.
May it be a website about questions of intellectual property and copyrights,
open source, or the creation of an alternative "common" platform on the net.
It is up to you!

We would publish the results of this query with your name and
suggestions in the catalogue of the 6th Werkleitz Biennale and online 
and we will have an internet pool
at the festival which represents the "Network of Commons".

This is an experiment to collect and reflect on the worldwide activities 
in this field,
asking you as an expert kindly to help us to create the "Network of 

To be able to publish the result, we should get your list not later than 
23rd of June (2 weeks from now).

You will find more information in the following press release and online 
from the 15th of this month at:

Thank you very much for your help and we would be happy if you would be 
interested to visit the festival.


Peter Zorn
member of the curatorial board

3.) 'Common Property' - 6th Werkleitz Biennale at the Volkspark in Halle (Saale)______________________________

This year's 6th Werkleitz Biennale takes place from 1 to 5 September 2004 at the Volkspark in Halle (Saale). Under the title 'Common Property' it initiates - amongst other issues - a discussion about different aspects of the current debates surrounding the idea of 'Intellectual Property'.

The motivation behind choosing this topic was an awareness of the intensifying conflicts around private and collective property. The controversy surrounding the question of what can be understood by common property in our knowledge and information based society currently gathers pace in ongoing debates about copyright or about authorship rights in the music and film industry. It filters into the campaigns against the patenting of hybrid seeds and into conflicts over the increasing monopolisation of knowl
These conflicts by no means pertain exclusively to the area of artistic or cultural practice, but touch on the central foundations of our social life. A universal strengthening of private property rights has led to a decline in visions about collective interests as the latter make way to an increasing privatisation of space, resources and knowledge. The 6th Werkleitz Biennale takes a strong stance in an effort to counter these developments.

In the exhibition area and the film and video programme, as well as a series of lectures and discussions, the festival presents critical artistic positions around this topic. In addition, the Werkleitz Gesellschaft is organising the 'Halle School of Common Property' as a form of open summer academy, that will provide the opportunity for a number of international artists and artist groups to conduct workshops aiming at a non-institutional production of knowledge.

The new festival site of the Werkleitz Biennale at the Volkspark offers a wide array of historical and current entry points into the ongoing debates around property rights and the production of knowledge.
With its generous layout, the building was constructed by the German Social Democratic Party at the beginning of the 20th century as a free forum for party and union meetings as well as cultural events. It has since seen a varied history of changing uses. Nearly a century after its construction and after passing though a number of reappropriations, it is now primarily made available for use by artists and cultural workers. The traces of history that are still easily detected on and in the building, make 
For more information about the Volkspark and a photo gallery visit the Volkspark website at:

____Schleifweg 6_D-06114 Halle (Saale)___________________________
____Tel: [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED].(0)345-68246-0_Fax: -29______________________
____6. Werkleitz Biennale: Common Property 1.-5. September 2004!____

Organization: projekt

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