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[ox-en] Fwd: New Bulgarian Case against Microsoft


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Date:  Fri, 18 Jun 2004 17:53:17 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  "Volker Grassmuck" <vgrass>
Subject:  [wos] New Bulgarian Case against Microsoft
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Date sent:      	Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:04:05 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:           	Veni Markovski

Bulgarian members of Parliament and Internet Society Bulgaria chairman file
a case at the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission in Sofia against
Microsoft Bulgaria and Microsoft Corp, USA

The members of the Bulgarian Parliament Ivan Ivanov and MP m.d. Stoicho
Katsarov signed today, June 16th, 2004 a letter to the Competition
Protection Commission in Sofia with 4 points questioning Microsoft
practices and business behaviour. Letter is also signed by Veni Markovski,
chairman of the Internet Society in Bulgaria.

Point one concerns the development of the Bulgarian government e-gateway
(<>, which
requires the users to have Windows and Internet Explorer if they want to
use the electronic services, provided by the government. This is against
rulings of art. 34 (2) ot the Bulgarian Law for protection of competition.
Other articles concerned are art. 2 (1), points 2 and 3, and art. 18, point 2.

The second point regards vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows OS. The
dangers which are going for the users are not known to the users, but to
the producers of the closed code software, which is against the provisions
in art. 32 (1) of the Law.

Third point concerns the fact that Windows always goes with preinstalled
Internet Explorer.

Forth point is with respect to the Distribution of the Windows MediaPlayer
as part of the MS Windows. Both last points are in connection with art. 34
(5) of the Bulgarian Law.

The two members of the Bulgarian Parliament from Democrats for Strong
Bulgaria (DSB) are also co-authors of the draft law for using free and open
source software in the administration, which is to be reviewd by the
Parliamentary committee on Transport and Telecommunications on June 17th.

For more information:
In French ? MP Ivan Ivanov at [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (GSM),
in English ? Veni Markovski at [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (GSM),
<veni>veni (in English)

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