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[ox-en] Gift, market and Free software


I'm new on this mailing list. I met some of you during SMSI in geneva last 
december. I promised to write a text about gift and Free Software. It was 
published by "The commoner" in english with title 
"Gift and Free Software". If you speak french you can find it in french 
here :

In this article, I try to show the relation between gift and 
"Selbstentfaltung" (as I understand it).

I'm talking about gift but not in the same way as Eric S. Raymond (ESR). ESR 
take gift as a matter of reputation. He's also speeking about reciprocity, 
wich is a very problematic concept since it reintroduce an equivalent 
(something like money) in what can be called an exchange. In my point of 
view, gift is not an exchange.

I also try to show differences between gift and market economy.

Since I know there's a lot of german people on this list, I just want to put 
some advise.

- Gift must not be understood as "geschenke" but as "gabe"
- I know it's the same word in german for debt and culpability, you musn't 
understand debt in this way (I use this concept of debt in french and it 
doesn't have this kind of meaning).

Sorry for my bad english
PS: Special greeting to Stephan and Chris
Matthias Studer <matthias.studer>
Organization: projekt

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