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[ox-en] Re: [wos] Fwd: <nettime> "Content Flatrate" and the Social Democracy of the Digital Commons

Hi Rasmus!

Yesterday Florian Cramer wrote:

Thanks for this interesting article. It is very much in line with my
impressions / criticism.

However, I feel I need to correct some things.

mentions as an example the ideas of Oekonux, a German Marxist group

Well, Oekonux is not exactly a German project. The German *speaking*
part is much stonger - that's true - but it is mostly a virtual

Though Oekonux for sure is influenced by Marx' thoughts it is for sure
not Marxist. However, there are a lot of other currents influencing
Oekonux as well.

standing close to the ex-communist party PDS.

I wonder how this can be said. The project as such had never any
connection to the PDS. The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung being a political
foundation close to the PDS sponsored two of our three conferences -
but the respective political foundation of the German Greens also did.
If you want the full picture for the last conferences check out

According to this Oekonux is more State supported than anything else
;-) .

Apart from the conferences there is no sponsoring from any side
outside the project. Oekonux is an independent project and if it wants
to stay interesting it needs to be this way.

I hope that the other information you gave in your article is on a
better basis.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Organization: projekt

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