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[ox-en] Planetwork Journal Launches

From: Ken Jordan <ken>
PlaNetwork Journal Launches

We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of PlaNetwork Journal, a
quarterly online publication for in-depth articles by those engaged in
applying new technology to benefit the public interest.   

The influence of information technology on fields as diverse as
environmental science, biology, ecological design, alternative
economics, distributed democracy, social network theory, and interactive
forms of art is transforming the landscape of the possible. Over the
past four years, PlaNetwork conferences have been a meeting place for
researchers, software designers, entrepreneurs, independent scholars,
artists, and activists working at the intersection between technology
and societal transformation.  

PlaNetwork Journal is a place where practitioners can present their work
and ideas to those outside their own field who share their concern about
the challenges facing the ecosystem and democracy.

We hope you enjoy PlaNetwork Journal.

- Ken Jordan (editor) and Elizabeth Thompson (publisher) 

In the July 2004 issue:

"Anybody Can Be TV: How P2P Home Video will Challenge The Network News,"
by Drazen Pantic
-To be a real-time video journalist, all you need is a blog, a
camcorder, and a laptop with WiFi.

"Earth as A Lens: Global Collaboration, GeoCommunication, and The Birth
of EcoSentience," 
by Bonnie DeVarco
-How might a dynamic, collective, 3D "GeoBrowser" transform our
relationship to our planet?

"Interactivity and The Open Society," 
by Hardin Tibbs
In the digital age, liberal society must find new, appropriate ways to
measure and value freedom.

Special Section Social Networks: Where Software Meets Citizenship

"Network-Centric Thinking: The Internet's Challenge to Ego-Centric
by Jed Miller and Rob Stuart
-When advocacy groups embrace digital democracy, the reverberations
shake the whole organization.

"The Social Web: Creating An Open Social Network with XDI," 
by Drummond Reed, Marc Le Maitre, Bill Barnhill, Owen Davis, and Fen
-New open standards introduce long-term, trusted links between people,
groups, and bits over the Net.

"Indymedia's Independence: From Activist Media to Free Software," 
by Biella Coleman
-The global, decentralized, grassroots network applies open source
principles to reporting the news.

"Call for A Social Networking Bill of Rights," 
by Duncan Work
-A social software pioneer suggests how "six degrees" websites ought to
treat personal information.

"The Democracy Aid '04 Campaign," 
by Kajsa Klein
-Why shouldn't a group of Swedish activists use the Web and MoveOn to
influence the U.S. elections?

"The Pavilion: Into The 21st Century ­ A Laboratory for Social
by Randall Packer
-Exploring the esthetics of interactivity, inspired by Billy Klüver's
art and technology masterpiece.

*  *  *  
PlaNetwork Journal
source code for global citizenship

Organization: projekt

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