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[ox-en] Results from the conference feedback form


I did the evaluation of the conference feedback form and for general
reference I'd like to publish the results.

There were 19 forms returned. Because of bad organization on our side
most if not all have been filled out only during the final plenum
sessions. So this is probably rather representative for the people
participating in this plenum but not as representative for all
conference participants.

The feedback form was (unfortunately :-( ) in German so people without
knowing German had a few difficulties but I think by the help of
others it was feasible. Below I translated the German questions and
all German answers to English.

1. How satisfied have you been

  [lower numbers are better on a scale 1-6]

  a) with the organization of the conference before the event?

  b) with the organization during the conference?

  c) with the topics chosen for the conference?

  d) with the content of the contributions?

	     	Min	Max	Median	Average
	1.a)	1	4	2	2,06	
	1.b)	1	3	2	2,05
	1.c)	1	4	2	1,95
	1.d)	1	3	2	1,95

  So by all figures on average we did a good job :-) .

2. How did you hear of the conference?

			Percent	Count
	WWW		27%	6
	Mailing list	23%	5
	Private mail	27%	6
	Someone told me	23%	5
	Poster		0%	0
	Flyer		0%	0
	Magazine	0%	0
	Other		0%	0

  So once more the effect of posters, flyers, and magazine on people
  participating in the conference is exactly zero. I consider this one
  more point arguing against spending money on these media next time.
  On the other hand virtual or private distribution channels are as
  effective as they always have been.

3. Your age and gender?

	     	Min	Max	Median	Average
	Age	21	49	30	32,81

	     	Percent	Count
	Female	6%	1
	Male	94%	16

   So once more the range of ages participating in the conference is
   considerable and on average in the beginning 30s. And as usual most
   participants are male.

4. Where do you live?

	     			Percent	Count
	Vienna			26%	5
	Vienna region		0%	0
	Austria			0%	0
	Germany			32%	6
	Other foreign country	42%	8

	Other foreign country	Count
	FR			1
	DK			2
	GB			3
	USA			1
	?			1

   I think this is the question where the misorganization of the
   feedback form had most impact. I think the share of Germans on the
   conference has been a bit higher than the figures above show.
   However, it is remarkable that here the figure of non-German
   speaking countries is close to 50% already.

   On the other hand the share of people from Austria or Vienna region
   is zero. So once more the Oekonux conference was more like an UFO
   from cyperspace which did not attract local inhabitants very much.

There also were a number of questions people could answer with text.
Here are the results. Same numbers refer to the same feedback form so
you can see which answers are coming from the same person.

What did you like particularly (contribution, organization)?

  The people.


  Relaxed conference

  Friendly people

  Indymedia talk


  Party (ingenious!!!)

  WUK was perfect

  Internet connection

  Graham's contribution

  Openness of contributions and discussion

  The readiness to help and friendlyness

  Breadth of content

  Range of speakers

  International flavor

  Hans-GertG's Future of Work

  The evening in the Nuu was really great

  Networking with others

  Getting lots of applied information

  Great diversity of views

  Respectful forms of dialogs during workshops

  It feels very good [sehr wohltuend] to at all think about in an easy
  [unverkrampft] way how the existing dominant system could be

  Exchange references and opinions

  Meeting new friends

  Discussion is resilient

  Drinking together with new friends

  Brötchenfrage (BenniB)

  The Nuu

  Friendly, human environment

  Broken conventions

  Open atmosphere

  Constructive and open nature of discussions

  Saturday buffet

  Came into contact with people

  Lots of brain food

  In general the very varied perspectives [Haltungen] and thoughts
  and debate

  Mixing of English/German talks etc. seemed better

  Some very excellent (and very unexpected) speakers

  Very active audience participation in all sessions I saw

What did you dislike particularly (contribution, organization)?

  Difficult to follow the tracks in English

  The solution for the WUK key (could not enter at night!)

  The shower option

  No WLAN in the sofa room

  Interesting talks were cancelled (for instance: Simputer)

  Sometimes very high level [abgehoben] discussions

  Did not know about WUK accomodation

  Did not know about travel funds organized by Oekonux

  Lack of female representation

  Accomodation in WUK was partially chaotic

  1. It seems a lot of time was wasted in the online discussions for
     presenters. one weekly email would suffice, with to-the-point
     information. Suggestion: Just organize the conference yourselves
     (core organization team). I trust that you will have made good

  2. Don't get attached to the ideology of "self-organization" - the
     presenters are not in a position to "self-organize" unless they
     spend a lot of time learning and preparing. There's no need for
     everyone to spend this time, it's simply wasteful in terms of
     peoples' time.

  German language (my German is only for survival not good for

  Immaterial work (ThomasA)

  Organization - didn't find my way easily to Oekonux wiki

  Resource room

  Internet facitlities

  Would have been willing to pay for more food

  Info about travel to evening events could have been clearer

  Too little studies how free software self-organizes or gets

  Some control over commercial content of talks may be needed in
  future (or at least discussed)

  German talks when there were English speaking participants

What do you wish for a next conference (content, organizational)?

  That it takes place

  More information on the Oekonux project

  That it will be as super as this one

  Contributions about practical projects

  Contact not only by e-mail, this is to anonymous to me (if you don't
  know each other). In emergency cases there should be someone who
  receives phone calls

  More introduction to individuals

  More info about speakers

  Better overview of conference events, speakers and contributions

  1. Have more women participants.

  2. Focus on practical application of os to address pressing world
     issues. Yes - helping people making a living - especially the
     80% of the world population that doesn't have access to basic
     needs - is the key potential of OS thinking.

  3. Have more speakers, start at 9AM, have perhaps shorter slots,
     have more networking time mixed between speakers / talks.

  Perhaps at the last day or the previous day OpenSpace format.

  Would be good to circulate the conference info more widely to draw
  more participants and contributions

  Various attempts to transfer (state of affairs, going [Verlauf])

  Selbstentfaltung in free material projects

  Studies about the development in Free Projects

  Transmission from cooperations Free software to touchable exchange
  Free Projects

  Conditions of Selbstentfaltung in material Free projects

  OpenSpace equipment (black board, Eddings, paper, pins)

  More time together (discussions)

  More contributions to "free vs. business-friendly"

  More time/space for alternative presentations

  Broader investigation of the relation of Oekonux to the world

  Extension of perspectives in the direction of alternative
  globalization movement

Organization: projekt

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