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Re: [ox-en] Fabbers & Global Villages in progress

Thank you Sándor!

   I seem to recall someone stating previously that the concepts 
discussed in this forum were only of use to a minority; I think this is 
a very short-sited view with advances in fabrication technology being 
one of the main reasons. I suspect it quite likely that a similar social 
construct will occur once general fab technology is common. The ongoing 
development of open design templates could benefit from what is being 
learned now by the software community.
   I suspect that at some point the line between software and hardware 
will be fairly blurred... A software application might come with designs 
for a new piece to your computer... A design for a physical object might 
include software for it's logic...

I think this line is long transcended already. If you take a car today, it
works increasingly on the base of software. Software is replacing many
physical parts yet requiring new ones. Benni Baermann has pointed to this
in his speech at the conference. He went to several people asking naively
"how much software do you think this product contains" (in terms of
percents) and he received surprising results.

Thats all relevant, but for me the whole technical development makes a
social paradigm shift more and more urgent. Our social system is not
compatible with the technological development it spurs and advances. It is
an illusion that this relation is in any way sustainable. And it is
definitely not enough to focus our attention on technological advances. 

The high art of Oekonux would be to combine these two factors; include
social design intelligence, even if our previous=current  society does not
even have a word like social design.


Organization: projekt

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