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[ox-en] Wired embraces CreativeCommons


The Wired magazine includes a music CD in issue 12.11 containing 16
songs under CreativeCommons licenses. Some excerpts from

  By nature, musicians are thieves. Nicking a bit of this song and a
  lick from that one, shaping their style on the riffs of those who
  came before, musicians are experts in the art of acquisition. Woody
  Guthrie knew this; he pinched melodies from Leadbelly - and let
  anybody pinch him in return. The Sex Pistols knew this; they
  shamelessly lifted from the New York Dolls and ABBA (yes, ABBA) and
  set off a teenage riot. And James Brown knows this; he accrued a
  large debt to Little Richard - only to become the most sampled man
  in showbiz, with thousands of his grunts and bridges and beats
  pilfered by lesser men.


  When we embarked on this project, we knew exactly what we were
  stepping into: the fight over copyright, perhaps the most polarizing
  and contentious dispute in today's entertainment industries. Because
  of copyright issues, the music industry has become a business on the
  brink of collapse, waging an unwinnable war against technology.
  Every day, millions of music fans thumb their noses at record labels
  and exploit digital tech for all it's worth, willfully swapping and
  - we'll say it - stealing music. In response, the Recording Industry
  Association of America has deployed an army of lawyers, initiating
  copyright infringement lawsuits against 5,400 file sharers (and
  counting) and lobbying Congress to boost penalties against both the
  scofflaws and the technologies they use (which looks to us like a
  doomed attempt to outlaw Moore's law).

  We're not here to argue which party is more at fault. We simply
  realize that there's no long term in this scenario; there's just a
  slow decline.


If anyone knows where the songs can be downloaded I'd be grateful to
know (aka: they didn't go *that* far ;-) ).

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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