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[ox-en] Risks in FLOSS systems (CFP)

Call for Papers, Participation and Short Messages

*** Apologies for cross-postings ***

Hello All,

I would like to draw your attention to a panel on 'Risks in FLOSS
systems' at the International Open Source Conference 2005 in Genova,
Italy from 11-15 July. (

The incentive of organising this panel is to explore how risks are
defined and redefined by different people and organisations in a
technological system. Indeed, risks in an artificial computer system
exist. However, it is acknowledged that the attitudes towards risks is
not based upon any scientific research, but a relatively instinctive
precautionary response perceived differently by people. Risks are
actually socially constructed, and regulations (e.g. software patents,
licenses, standards) are made to meet specific interest parties' risk
perceptions. Examining how risks are perceived, how specific views on
risks are conceived by authorities, and how corresponding regulations
are constructed is important to our understanding of today's risk
society heavily dependent on computer software.

This panel calls for position papers exploring how
risks in FLOSS systems (in both the development and implementation
processes) are constructed and conceived, and how are risks managed
through different means (legal, economic, technical means). Position papers of 1000-1500 words (both academic and practitioner papers) are welcome, and I also want to experiment accepting short messages of around 100 words, addressing the following topics (but not subject to them):

- Legal risks in the FLOSS development
- Economic/business risks in the FLOSS development
- Technical risks in the FLOSS development
- Social risks in the FLOSS development
- Risk perception in the FLOSS development
- Risks and regulations regarding the FLOSS development
- Risk management in the FLOSS development

Short messages will be collected and displayed anonymously at the
conference as exemplary for more discussions, while the authors of the
position papers would be invited to present their work at the conference
(please note that the interested participants have to take care of the
registration, travel and accommodation expenses on their own).

All position papers and messages should be addressed to Yuwei Lin at
yuwei {at} ylin {dot} org before 1st April 2005. I look forward to
receiving many responses from you.

Best wishes,
Yuwei Lin | yuwei at ylin dot org
Contact: projekt

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