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[ox-en] What the hack - conference

Taken from:

What The Hack

What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a 
large event-campground in the south of The Netherlands from 28 until 
31 July 2005.

Events like What The Hack take place every four years, and originate 
from a group of people that was originally centered around a small 
hacker magazine called Hack-Tic. The magazine's last issue was 
published in 1993, but for reasons unknown the events have so far 
refused to die. 1989 Featured the Galactic Hacker Party, then in 1993 
we saw Hacking at the End of the Universe, followed in 1997 by 
Hacking In Progress, and in 2001 there was Hackers At Large.

Expect people from every nook and cranny of the hacker universe: those 
deeply into developing Open Source software, civil liberties and 
privacy activists, experts in every field of computer networking and 
security as well as many others showing their projects and talking 
about what they do. Expect very large tents where lectures and 
presentations are held as well as multiple bars and other cozy spaces 
to hang out. Expect quality wired, wireless and interpersonal 
networking. Expect seeing some amazing presentations as well as 
stimulating conversations with some great folks.
For whom?

The event is not just for those who already define themselves as 
hackers, although they will almost certainly have an excellent time. 
Like previous times we hope to create an opportunity for people from 
a great many different cultures and subcultures to meet. So no matter 
whether you're interested in any of the topics presented, curious 
about what it is we're into, feel there are some cultural connections 
missing that you could facilitate, or if you just want to hang out 
with some of the brightest and funniest people we know: please come. 
We need you!

There is a number of new communities bordering common themes which we 
loosely define as 'hacker issues'. These include:

    * freedom of speech
    * government transparency
    * computer insecurity
    * privacy
    * open software, open standards & software patents
    * community networking

We feel it is very important for people from different fields dealing 
with one or more of these issues to meet at larger events. We would 
also like to introduce new topics and forge new links between various 
communities. (Our Call For Papers lists some of the other topics we 
are interested in). We haven't even kept count of the interesting 
things that happened, both on- and offline, simply because the right 
people met at one of these events.

And oh yeah: it is a lot of fun too!

Come to What The Hack,
July 28-31 2005, Lat 51°33.270858 / Lon 5°20.620584
(Liempde, near Den Bosch, The Netherlands)


    Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di
    Internetredaktion, Projekt di.ver
    Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10, 10179 Berlin
Contact: projekt

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