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Re: [ox-en] more on RepRap

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:38:14AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], magius wrote:

I have seen the pictures.

Hmm I want to see how the machine replicates is DC motor and
PVC-insulated wires. Does it include furnace that melts copper at 950
degC, draw it into wires and chemical factory to manufacture PVC

Funny plastic gadget replicator alone is pretty useless. What we need is
a universal machine
- machine that is capable to produce any machine (including itself).

Imho we have to try a way to fund Dr. Bowyer RepRap: ideas?

Hmm I would be delighted if someone funded me so I could work fulltime
on free technology and add a project of universal CNC machine to list of
Twibright Labs projects:

Serious replication will be a work full of heavy drilling, precision
mechanics, oil, dirt, lenghty microprocessor programming, feddback loop
systems tuning and generally advanced development in free technology,
not this satisfy-university-diploma-thesis-writers plastic gadget.

Look what free technology involves:

(my optical datalink project on which I am
working in spare time already for 7 years)

Just the source tree is 250MB of data... Ahd that's one primitive stupid
non-replicating optical datalink, which has just 102 registered

If you want something that's really useful for society that must not
have 102 but 1 million of installations... Imagine the work necessary to
make all this work for every inidividual user, portably, hunting down
all the bugs...

Anyway people will develop a replicator even without any funding,
funding will just affect how soon.


I dont want to wait 4 years as he predicted for the end of the project ;)  
Let's abolish the economy as science of scarcity..through money!

Contact: projekt

Contact: projekt

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