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[ox-en] Dangerous changes in the GPL 3.0


The article on

says that the new GPL 3.0 may change the rules insofar as changes to
GPL software made locally must be published. I find this a very
dangerous direction:

* It's a burden to publish each small difference

  Consider you have a GPL software which fits your needs but only this
  one stupid label on this particular button doesn't look right to
  you. You change it but until you publish the change you are not
  allowed to use the changed software.

  How to publish it? What does a Free Software project do with all the
  micro changes?

  For this I think such a rule would be impractical and thus make Free
  Software less useful.

* FSF tends to rule the world

  One of the things I really liked in Free Software and Richard
  Stallman's attitude was the free going thing. For instance the
  non-discrimination of any kind of endeavor I find really a step in
  the right direction. Now Free Software is really successful they say
  "Hah, now you are depending on us, now we change the rules of the
  game". This is bad style to say the least.

  Also, I remember times when there was an Apple license with such a
  rule with the enforced giving-back and the FSF didn't like it for
  exactly this reason.

* It fundamentally introduces exchange into Free Software

  This I find the most dangerous development indeed. You are not
  longer allowed to do what you like with the software as long as you
  do it in your own four walls. If you do something which might be
  useful you *must* give it away. This is a form of exchange and on
  the basis of the Oekonux thoughts I consider this more dangerous
  for Free Software than any patent claims.

I only can hope that the FSF thinks again.

May be someone here has an idea of how is the state of affairs right

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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